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The new formulation is bearable, but nothing compares to this one... I remember spraying this perfume from my mother's dresser whenever I went for a night out. On another note, brian.fitzgerald's review is wonderful... Additionally this formulation looms infinitely large over the softer, sweeter, weaker iteration of the EDP released in 2009.

Very different from the more modern scents, but I admire all the notes it gives off- incense, jasmine, sandalwood... Although I am Italian I enjoy singing Bulerias, Spanish gypsy songs and they all evoke Opium. This perfume is hot to open: fiery cloves that make your upper lip prickle with sweat coupled with a wisp of delicately sweet incense.

Opium 1977 by Yves Saint Laurent is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women. Opium 1977 was created by Jean Amic, Jean-Louis Sieuzac and Raymond Chaillan. It's, as everybody knows, a beast of sillage and projection. But when going out to gardens, or antiquing or at medieval fairs or walking through a touristic city, I do wear it and it is perfect. My bottle is similar to the one above, a tall, flattened oblong pillow, but with gold trim on the cap at the collar and covering the top, and a lot more bamboo leaves on the glass (see image 17/25 in the slideshow above). I owned a couple of bottles of this beauty after I was first introduced to Opium in 1992. Little did I know that it would ruin me for every Oriental perfume in my future.

Top notes are coriander, plum, citruses, mandarin orange, pepper, jasmine, cloves, west indian bay and bergamot; middle notes are carnation, sandalwood, patchouli, cinnamon, orris root, peach, lily-of-the-valley and rose; base notes are labdanum, tolu balsam, sandalwood, opoponax, musk, coconut, vanilla, benzoin, vetiver, incense, cedar, myrrh, castoreum and amber. It is such a shame, that this formulation of Opium is very uncommon to find in stores today. i douse myself in shalimar, in current formulation of opium, coco chanel,paloma picasso, you name it all the beasts. Vintage Opium eau de toilette really is the benchmark.

Im just waiting for the day when someone in store tries to tell me that today's Opium is the same as my beloved Opium. Musky, spicy and sensual, I have been seeing some comments saying the formula has changed and it doesn't smell quite the same now, personally I didn't notice myself.I got a vintage bottle, gift from my parents for my birthday in 1994.I remember how confused they were when I requested it, not really an appropriate scent for a shy 14 year old, when everyone else at the time wore CK One.One squirt and I was instantly back in the 80's, dynasty, shoulder pads and power suits ..I think unless you are a diehard Opium fan you really could not tell it apart from a vintage bottle.

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