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The Flood was a global catastrophe that totally reshaped the earth’s geology, and the earth’s surface has continued to change since then.

Perhaps the geology of the modern Mount Ararat region sheds light on whether we should be looking for Noah’s Ark on that mountain.

A veteran named Ed Davis claimed he saw the remains of Noah’s Ark while he was stationed in Iran during World War II.

Later expeditions claimed to find beam-like rocks on Mount Suleiman Mount Ararat is technically known as a stratovolcano.

From Hong Kong to Holland, the world is fascinated by Noah and the Ark.Earlier Ararat eruptions are known from oral history and archaeological excavations.These occurred in AD 17, around 550 BC, and another time even earlier.Satellite imagery and aerial photographs have generated interest in several sites.Most excursions have focused on a handful of locations based on earlier reported sightings.

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