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Note: The Best Picture shortlist is arranged according to the likelihood of a nomination; all other shortlists, including Best Picture runners-up and long shots, are arranged in alphabetical order.

Among those listed are Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, David O.

We will be posting the list of Oscar 2014 nominations here.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the Oscar nominations always offer some kind of surprise that will leave some elated and others mighty pissed off.

So, 2014 may end up with two of the three oldest Best Actor nominees in Oscar history.

The record for longest gap between acting Oscar nominations belongs to Henry Fonda: 41 years, from John Ford's Compared to the vibrant Best Actor field, the 2014 Academy Awards' Best Actress category looks somewhat anemic. Whereas ten actors could be called strong competitors for the Oscar 2014 shortlist, only five actresses can be considered truly strong candidates for this year's Best Actress shortlist.

Also: bear in mind that the list below features ten titles; however, as few as five may end up nominated.Precuela contemporánea de la película Psicosis, que nos hace un retrato íntimo de cómo se desarrolla la psique de Norman Bates durante sus años de adolescencia.Los fans descubrirán su historia de trasfondo oscuro y retorcido y conocerán de primera mano cuán profundamente intrincada es la relación con su madre, Norma, y cómo ello ayudó a forjar a uno de los asesinos en serie más famoso de todos los tiempos.Besides these five, there are three unlikely runners-up and a handful of long shots – and we mean “long” as in “light-years-away long.” Note: Exact SAG Award and Academy Award matches are actually less common than you might think for the reasons mentioned in our previous Oscar 2014 predictions post (see link in the paragraph above). If Streep wins – which is highly unlikely, but never underestimate The Weinstein Company – she'll be taking home her fourth Oscar statuette.For instance, last year Marion Cotillard and Helen Mirren were both shortlisted for the Best Actress SAG Awards for, respectively, Jacques Audiard's . If our Oscar 2014 Best Actress predictions are on target, the Academy's Actors Branch will select five Academy Award veterans. In case that happens, she'll tie with Katharine Hepburn as the top Oscar winner in the acting categories.

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