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He was just nine when his six-year-old sibling Jon Benet was discovered strangled to death in the basement of their family home in Boulder, Colorado.A team of experts – including a British ex-Scotland Yard behavioural analyst – claimed she was accidentally killed by her brother in a squabble over a piece of pineapple.Finding success as a dairy farmer, he and his family lived there comfortably until they sold the property to John Shaffer in 1914.After renaming and giving the ranch its current name after his sons Kent and Carroll, Shaffer soon built the Manor House and diversified into beef ranching.And they did it in a fashion which was totally misleading.” In a statement, CBS defended the Jon Benet Ramsey show.It said: “The Case of: Jon Benet Ramsey was meticulously and responsibly researched, and its information was responsibly presented.Present day Colorow Elementary school was named for him, and a rock formation in the area that was apparently one of his favorite lairs continues to be known as “Colorow’s Cave".

She had her hands tied, duct tape placed on her mouth and a wooden garrotte around her neck.If there is any such thing as a normal life for the brother of the deceased. He is going to spend the rest of his life with people doing Google searches with headlines that ‘CBS proves Burke Ramsey killed his sister’.“In desire for ratings a profits, they decided that the sensational story to go with was the story that would accuse Burke Ramsey.But his lawyer Lin Wood – who is now suing the American TV channel which made the show - told The Sun On Sunday: “Burke Ramsey doesn’t have anything to prove.“If the Boulder Police Department called me and said we’d like to talk to Burke and have a lie detector test done, yeah I’m happy to consider it.

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