Dating eharmony online

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Instead, you will only be able to view profiles that are suggested by e Harmony's matchmaking system.This means that the matching criteria you indicate in your profile are especially important, since these preferences, along with the results of your personality test, will be used to help select your suggested matches.It's not that they didn't have any matches for me just yet, but they would never, have any matches for me, ever.So, I guess there's a certain personality profile that doesn't fit with their philosophy.

e Harmony, like, does not allow users to search or browse through potential matches.You can always tweak your matching criteria in order to expand, limit, or change the types of matches that e Harmony provides.Since your profile is only visible to those whom the system has identified as a compatible match, e Harmony is more private than most online dating sites.You'll have to be willing to dedicate a fair amount of time and effort to complete e Harmony's free personality test, but if you do, you'll be rewarded with an extensive and nuanced analysis of your personality, based on agreeableness, openness, emotional stability, conscientiousness, and extraversion.Unlike other online dating sites, e Harmony declines to match about 20% of potential users, based on the results of this personality test.

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