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She wanted help clearing her name, claiming that people were trying to slander her name.Of course we agreed to help her, because we are not only here to out those that dishonor our Vets, but to protect those wrongfully accused.During this media event, someone who identified herself as Alicia Watkins asked Mr.Trump if he would be hiring Veterans at is new hotel, she identified herself as a Veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the Pentagon attacks on 9/11.

Once an investigation is complete, and it is found that they embellished or fabricated military service, they are added here.

We found that she was being questioned about her years of service, her injuries, where she sustained them, if she had a Purple Heart, and where she was on 9-11.

We found a multitude of interviews dating back more that half a decade, to include interviews with Oprah, Fox and several others.

According to Air Force records, she entered the Air Force on November 10th. According to Alicia, on this date she was placed on what is called the TDRL(Temporary Disability Retirement List), this is a list of Service Members found to be unfit for performance of military duty by reason of physical disability which may be permanent, but which has not sufficiently stabilized to permit an accurate assessment of a permanent degree of disability.

Now service members can stay on this list for up to five years, and undergo a physical every 12-18 months to see if their condition has worsened, gotten better or stayed the same.

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