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Taking a specialist's opinion would be highly recommended here.I would suggest that you should first attempt to help your wife and work on your marriage before bringing in the added complication of a third person for sexual satisfaction.But somehow, both are not able to experience a satisfying sexual life with each other.Sexual compatibility is a very important part of a satisfying relationshipw.This mental conflict can result is sexual dysfunction if there is no physical cause diagnosed.Sometimes it can also be a delayed response to the neglect, emotional abuse, and other forms of trauma that might have occured during childhood which manifests as difficulty in adult sexuality.I don't know how my colleague will react if she gets to know about this. The dilemma of being sexually involved with a work colleague, which your own wife had chosen for you, can further complicate matter.

A group exhibit featuring a variety of Siiviis artists and then some.

Women are also expected to be erotically coy, shy and inhibited.

Carrying this image in mind, they are not able to give themselves permission to fully experience the pleasure and freely express it.

It was a wonderful experience and she was far better than my wife.

When I told my wife about the experience and also revealed that my colleague was really good at it, my wife got very excited and she wanted to talk to my colleague. I was shocked and do not know if something is wrong with her. Zankhana Joshi : It can be difficult to deal with sexual incompatibility in your marriage, which can itself get exhausting.

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