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If you do run into the dreaded reacher, you'll know it almost immediately.

She will tend to check very soon after penetration and it will be frequent especially at first so it is ESSENTIAL to make sure not to remove it too early.

The wetter you make her the less chance she'll feel or even be able to differentiate the *** leaking out of her from her wetness/your spit or lube.

The good news about reachers is they are few and far between.

Mostly because in my experience, a woman can EASILY tell when a man is inside her if he's raw or covered.

She was a virgin with an absurdly tight ***** and the condom just did not hold up to the pounding i was giving her.

Unless you're fortune was as good as mine that day, you may want to help the condom to break. Poking a needle through the wrapper focusing on the tip of the condom is a huge help if you have the opportunity to use your own condom.

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