Oracle consolidating databases

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I am considering Virtual as well using a DBaa S (Database as a Service) model, but am curious if it can/should be done physically.Is it possible to have four separate instances point to four separate databases on one machine?Easiest is to run multiple instances on a single server, each serving it's own database.This is the easiest but not the smartest thing to do.Smartest is to have a single instance on a single server.This is because every instance considers itself as the master of the server.

Before we delve into deeper details about CDB and PDB, let us get some basic details about multi-tenancy.You can not very easy isolate their resource usage, as you can do in a single instance.If you want to give some performance guarantee in a multiple instance server, the setup will grow in complexity because in many cases you need to start multiple projects and users to run your databases under.Thanks Phil, could you elaborate Option 1 a little more?Do I need to use Oracle RAC or Oracle RAC One Node to achieve this?

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