Rashing dating

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I’m ‘bout to show you what this whole entire world’s fucking missing. You popped up at the perfect time of my whole existence. We are not intimate, we are not dating, I am just too intimidating. Ane if you think I'm talking 'bout you, you're probably already right, oh. I might get under your skin if you use my name in vain. Bet a mothafucka really gonna be looking stupid whenever they telling me they can do better but then I pull up to it like motherfucker do it. Meanwhile, kudos and cosigns kept rolling in: from D12, from Fred Durst, from Flo Rida, from fellow MA musician Clinton Sparks.

Shut the door behind you, don’t say a word, let your hair down, I’ll be back in a minute. Got 'em stopping, dropping, flopping, walking, jogging, running faster than the flow is. This seems the stuff of fantasy, not high school yearbook. Got it sealed up like a package envelope is that you'll never open. I only chill with musicians and I only go on release dates. That's a shame, talking shit, bashing names but when I'm next to you, why you don't act the same? Somewhere along the way, Token attended his junior prom, too. Look up in my pupils, you might have a slipup if you get it backwards. But don’t get it twisted: despite his pedigree in online cyphers, Token makes it clear he’s built for the flesh: “I’m not just this internet guy. I’ve grown a lot and I encourage people to come to my shows to take me in. Wonder what's up in my mind when I be staring at ya. The naysaying therapists have been replaced by reams of positive You Tube comments.

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