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Actually, he wasn't really planning to drive at all in Mexico - but was sort of forced into it since Melodie had badly injured her foot on some stairs.

Melodie and Adam also learned to be flexible with each on this trip.

In fact, Melodie and Adam, even a few months in to the relationship, were both individually considering the possibilities of marriage. Teamwork: Any Time, Any Place One of the things that sealed the relationship is how well Melodie and Adam work together.It wasn't always easy to find the time and make the distance.This is especially true since Adam works for Department of Medicine (UW Madison) and Melodie works at Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee.Although they were both skeptical of online dating, it only takes meeting the right person for it to be worth it!The First Date On December 10, 2016 at pm, Melodie and Adam met for the first time at Water Street Brewery in Delafield, WI.

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