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Historically the disorder, now estimated to affect one out of every 68 children in the U.S., was thought to be at least four times more common in boys than in girls.Stuttering is characterized by a disruption of the “normal” speech pattern by the interjection of involuntary pauses and blocks in speech and the involuntary repetition of sounds, words and phrases.Many years ago it was believed that those affected by a stutter were of a lower intelligence level; however, this has been proven time and again to be untrue. The comedian has reportedly been dating 32-year-old actress Louise Ford for the past 18 months — all while still married. Bean and his wife Sunetra Sastry separated last year after being married since 1990.Many girls may, like Frances, be diagnosed late because autism can have different symptoms in females.

Cerebral palsy occurs in approximately two out of every one thousand live births and is characterized by: abnormal posture, abnormal muscle tone, abnormal reflexes and abnormal coordination and motor development.

Going forward, I’ll only be approving well-articulated comments that add something new to the conversation.

Please read this other post before commenting to gain clarity on my gender-neutral position on human behavior.] —– A while back I was on a coaching call with a woman who happens to be smart, successful and beautiful. Granted, knowing how “approach anxiety” has a death grip on most mortal men, it’s not even like I was expecting to witness guys stopping bikini-clad hotties and getting their numbers.

The question wasn’t a mere throwaway…some miscellaneous rant from a woman who couldn’t understand why she couldn’t even catch a man looking, let alone get him to approach her. And since I was on a road trip and passing through South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, I decided to do somewhat of a field study. And yes, most of us as guys know that it’s better when food shopping to perpetrate like you forgot something in the same aisle that hottie is on, just so you can justify backtracking to verify how sexy she really is.

At least in principle we understand all that stuff. Time after time dudes were strolling by fantastically hot women with virtually nothing on, apparently without even having noticed.

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