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Ⓥ Vegan since I'm a passionate environmental scientist, not really into activism but want to make a difference to the world.

I'm migrating to Adelaide from the UK at the end of September to start a new life and settle down with my husband.

I want to be the change I want to see in the world and meet people like me. I love to smile at all I meet in the hope of making this world more positive.

Have my down days but always find the silver lining.

Ⓥ Vegan since 2011 I am 19 years old, keen to stay young foras long as possible. My dream is to run a sanctuary caring for animals rescued from factory farms.

I love the opportunities this group provides, as I live with my family, none of whom are vegan. Ⓥ Vegan since Sep 2014 I'm 19 years old and became vegetarian about 15 years ago.

I hope to have kids in the next couple of years who I'd like to grow up as open minded vegans.

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Since then I have done a lot of self discovery and can now proudly cook a complex, delicious and nutritious meal!

Vegetarian Hi, I moved to Adelaide a few months ago and am looking forward to meeting some like minded people.

I run a consulting business, am a professional songwriter, have been vegetarian for nearly 4 years now and am transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. I love animals and have rescued many over the years particulary native birds.

I chose to be vegetarian/vegan for all reasons - including ethical, health & environmental.

I love socialising with vegans & talking to people interested in veganism.

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