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Sex is enjoyable: 'I wouldn't say no to some more sex in my life, put it that way.

For even though I’ve heard countless women tell me they’ve lost interest in sex, that they could take it or leave it, or that it hasn’t been the same since the birth of their children, we still are still force-fed this myth that everyone else is at it, and we should be, too.

Other women may well enjoy sex itself in older age, but one practicality is consistently ignored: you need a partner for an active sex life and you don’t find them putting out the milk bottles, as I discovered when widowed at 46.

And it is delightful: the cosy business of waking up and feeling for each other, then seeing where it leads.

Continuing to enjoy great sex makes sense of greater longevity, and if you and your husband feel (as Olly and I do) that, like a good wine, your unique blend has both mellowed and spicily matured through the years, then that is something to celebrate.’Once again, another subtle message to women that if we’re not enjoying sex from adolescence to the grave we’re in some way dysfunctional, frigid or wanting — that if we’d ever really been sexy, we’d continue to be so. I enjoyed a wonderful sex life for almost 30 years, but I happily hung up my negligee some 15 years ago and am perfectly content now to pour my passion into other things.

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