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A pair of sexy nylons is always better than a pair of bare legs.

Pantyhose are the perfect accent for a set of long, mile-high legs.

MENOPAUSE IS as much a “disease” as adolescence, and it wasn’t considered a problem until the 1960s, when drugmakers like Wyeth-Ayerst, Upjohn, and Searle effectively rebranded it a disorder of “estrogen deficiency”0—and that was the term they used when they were being polite.

The 1966 industry-funded book Feminine Forever declared menopause “a tragedy,” a “living decay,” and asserted that in the absence of estrogen a woman would “be condemned to witness the death of her own womanhood.” A 1977 ad for Premarin, an estrogen derived from pregnant horses’ urine, shows a family cowering from their crazed matriarch: “Almost any tranquilizer might calm her down,” reads the copy, “but at her age estrogen might be what she really needs.”Sales of estrogen dipped in the late 1970s, when the hormone was linked to an eightfold increase in endometrial cancer, then picked back up in the 1980s in combination with progestin to counter the endometrial effects, at which point it became “hormone replacement therapy.” Wyeth responded by creating the two-drug pill Prempro, which was approved in 1995, and by reportedly ghostwriting medical articles that downplayed risks and implied unproven benefits, like protection from dementia and even enhanced eyesight, better skin, and self-esteem.

Although some of the sites in our directory do contain strong pornographic images, the emphasis is more on sensual and glamorous erotic websites and "soft" fetishes such as striptease, women in uniform, upskirt and downblouse flashing and teasing, wet and messy, semi-clothed bondage, tasteful scenes, light spanking, domination, tickling and catfights.

Amateur exhibitionists and other sexy women will tease you in high-class clothes and lingerie including uniforms, fantasy costumes and exotic underwear made from all kinds of sexy materials, from sensual silk, satin, nylon and lace to shiny leather, Lycra and PVC.

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So it’s no wonder that some connected to the industry are crowing.

In theory, that’s a lot of women who could be having a lot better sex, and soon.

If even a fraction of those women are interested, the drug’s approval could be the start of a long-awaited dream for the pharmaceutical industry, which has labored for decades to define a catchall disorder of women’s sexuality and then develop a series of drugs to help.

The study, though, did not take life context into account: what if a woman had low desire for two months because her father was dying or had lost her job or was taking care of a newborn baby?

Critics call this disease-mongering: drug manufacturers market a disease—the industry term is “condition branding”—priming the widest possible consumer base.

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