Special needs dating skills

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“Cook for your significant other or plan a date that is a complete surprise.

Keep it simple — surprise is essential to keep the romance and desire for one another alive.” And you should definitely be able to reel off the 13 Sexiest Things You Can Ever Say to a Woman.

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You don’t have to be a brilliant comedian or charismatic actor to hold court at a meeting, wedding, or cocktail party.Derichs recommends a few “moves,” each day: A 30-second hug, a 15-second kiss, even making sure you’re showered, shaved, and wearing a nice outfit.“You did all of that when you first where dating, don’t stop now,” says Derichs.If you saw an accident on the freeway, or a frail old person take a tumble on the sidewalk, would you know what to do? Whether understanding how to dress a wound or help relieve the pain from a second-degree burn, every man needs to be able to treat a wide range of daily injuries—and be able to act fast.If you don’t, sign up for a class through Red Cross to refresh your skills—and you might end up saving the day.

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