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As the central ruling body, the Council of Policy legislated for the administration of the Cape for the full duration of Company rule, issued instructions on all kinds of matters, imposed taxes, made appointments, granted land, heard petitions and managed all military and naval affairs, etc.Prior to 1656 when the Court of Justice at the Cape was established, the Council of Policy dealt with judicial matters.These groups comprise the archives of the Council of Policy 1652-1795 (inventory no.1/1) and the archives of the Court of Justice 1652-1843 (inventory no 1/2).In addition to the aforementioned archival groups, of which 5% is severely damaged, the Cape Town Archives Repository also holds a number of other VOC archives that have merged with later archives groups.About 46% of these latter archives are severely damaged. Archives that date back less than 20 years need permission from the Provincial Archivist. In January 1881 he was succeeded by the Rev HCV Leibbrandt.Applications for permission should be made in writing to the Head of the Repository, who will check that it does not infringe on privacy rights or other criteria defined in the Promotion of Access to Information Act before making a recommendation to the Provincial Archivist. All colonial archives dating before 1806 were transferred to the Government Public Library.

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top he Western Cape Archives and Records Service aims to reach members of the public who do not know about the archives' existence and functions by running a number of public programmes.magistrates' offices) and offices of local authorities in the Cape Province (eg. Two officials were appointed to arrange and inventorize the archives after office hours. As a result of the re-organization of the archives service in 1919, the Cape Archives became an integral part of the SA government archives administration. Paper-based searches: typescript inventories of arranged archival groups and collections of non-public records are also available.Extend your current CSS properties by incorporating LESS components into your site.These Bootstrap admin templates provide a solid basis for wider personalization by means of mixins, variables, functions and other techniques.

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