University of texas at dallas dating

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The caption is as genuine as it gets." The tweet has also collected hundreds of responses from folks parodying Mc Conaughey's stance and referencing his Lincoln commercials.

Hamilton is enjoying his rise in social media popularity, "I've finally reached Twitter fame.

During World War II, pilots from nearby Midland Army Air Field tried to locate the source of the mysterious lights, but were unable to discover anything.

A photo of him standing with his right hip popped was tweeted by the university as a gesture of gratitude.

The photo was subsequently shared by Twitter user Malcolm Hamilton (@malcham94), a 2016 UT graduate, with the caption "idk what Mc Conaughey was saying but it must've been fierce af." The message went viral.

A group of physics students from the University of Texas at Dallas concluded that headlights from vehicles on nearby U. Highway 67 could explain at least some of the reported sightings of the Marfa Lights.

Another possible explanation is the refraction of light caused by layers of air at different temperatures.

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